Fire: Capturing Form, high resolution fire photography elevated to an art

A Reflection on Transformation

The paintings in the ‘Scorched’ series were created using a variery of materials and paints that were set on fire directly on the canvas. The rich textures were acheived through a gradual process of layering and burning. In some cases the paintings were created over a six month period in which the original painting was completely transformed into something new.


Artist's Statement

“Transformation, change and destruction are fundamental processes in our lives and world. Yet, all too often, we cringe at change, and our lives and societies cling to old ways. This series of paintings celebrates the beauty of transformation-- having harnessed fire’s destruction in their creation. The scorched and highly textured artwork speaks of the balance and richness that is the result of embracing this fundamental natural process.”


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fire and flames photo pic

title: Three Circles
fire, plaster, acrylic on canvas
22 x 28
Spring 07

fire and flames photo pic

title: Conjunction
fire, plaster, oil on canvas
22 x 28
Winter 06/07

fire and flames blazing photo pic

title: Dancer
fire, silicon, acrylic on canvas 22 x 28

Winter 07


fire and flames photo pic

title: Earth & Moon
fire, acrylic, pastel on canvas
18 x 23
Winter 06/07

fire and flames photo pic

title: Earth & Moon No. 2
fire, silicone, acrylic on board
48 x 48
Winter 06 - 07


fire and flames photo pic

title: Scorched No. 2
fire, plaster, acrylic on canvas,
24 x 24
Winter 06 - 07


fire and flames photo pic

title: Overlay
fire, cardboard, acrylic on board
24 x 31
April 2005

Layered and glazed card board on board creates an intensely textured fire painting.


fire and flames photo pic

title: Nebulae Ascending
fire, silcone, acrylic
73 x 38
Summer 06 - Spring 07

Six part work of painted and scorched 10.5 x 38 panels.



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