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"I am fascinated by not only the geometric possibilities of mandalas, but by the act of making them.  The means of making a mandala, and the medium that is chosen, add a whole new dimension of meaning above and beyond its geometric pattern."

War is the result of ideas-- typically unhealthy ideas that we have about others, ourselves and how to solve our problems. Toys and games are one of the first ways we pass ideas on to our children of how to relate to each other. Toys are ideas encapsulated. What exactly are the ideas we are passing on with certain toys?  

Playing with a toy means absorbing the ideas it represents.  The effects of this absortion radiate out like the ripples of a stone dropped in a pond across time and generations.  By transforming the war toys into a symbol of peace I hope the implicit irony illustrates this radiant ripple effect.


"In an installation at the Smithers Art Gallery, I set out large piles of river rocks on a white table with a centered circle lightly drawn. Visitors were invited to work with the stones to create a mandala.  Everyone was welcome to add, take away, and change the creation as they pleased by building off the work already done by others.  The result was an organic process of mandalic creation.  Here the art wasn't in the piece but in the process."

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Mandalas are an ancient art form that explore symetry, balance and harmony by working outwards from the centre of a circle.  Mandalas are found in almost every religious tradition-- ranging from Rose windows in cathedrals, Celtic knots, first nation Dream Catchers, to  Tibetan sand mandalas. All of these traditions harness the meditative and arresting harmony that builds within a simple circle.  Often these mandalas incorporate symbols and symbolic number patterns.  The result is an art form with the powerful ability to raise consciousness.

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Mandala Prints for sale
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Artists Russell Maier and Muheim students pose beside their Taking Care of the World Mandala

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Wart Toy Mandala

The Installation    Close up of Mandala Toys


title:War Toys of the World Unite in the Cause of Peace
War Toys on Canvas, 4ft x 4 ft

Winter 07


River Rock Mandala    
The Installation    River Rocks Mandala

title:  Wikandala Collaborative Mandala 
Interactive Installation:  Gallery visitors were invited to add, remove and change the stones on a table in the centre of the gallery to help build a mandala.

Bulkley River Rocks on Canvas 6 x 6 ft
Winter 07


Tomato mandala    
The Installation    Close up of Mandala Toys


title: Tomato Mandala
Greenhouse tomatoes on canvas
48 x 48
Winter 07


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